Nocturn Media
Jonas Schneider, DP/Director/Filmmaker

Jonas Schneider is a freelance videographer and cinematographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His past work is focused on corporate, documentary and short-form narrative content.

For Nocturn Media, he runs corporate shoots at any scale: from one-man-army to a full creative team, including storyboarding, pre-production, shooting interviews & B-Roll, motion graphics, editing, and final distribution.

Below you'll find a one-minute summary reel, followed by details of our recent projects. Get in touch:
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The Sands of Time (2017)

Singapore's Marina South district is crowned by the Marina Bay Sands, a luxurious high-rise resort hotel and casino opened in 2012. It lies between the Marina Bay connecting it to Singapore's city center, and the Gardens By The Bay, a modern public park with light sculptures and event spaces.

Nocturn Media was tasked with portraying the beautiful landscapes surrounding the Marina Bay region, via aerial cinematography, editing, as well as distribution on social media platforms.

Camera: Jonas Schneider
Genre: Landscape
Runtime: 4min

Robots that Learn (2017)

OpenAI is one of the world's leading Artifical Intelligence research labs. Co-founded by SpaceX and Tesla chairman Elon Musk, the lab of 60 full-time reseachers has created a new algorithm that allows robots to learn new behaviors by imitating humans.

Nocturn Media was tasked with the challenge to convey these revolutionary scientific discoveries visually. We advised OpenAI with screenwriting, principal photography, motion graphics, editing, as well as distribution on social media platforms.

Press: Engadget, Quartz, Daily Mail, CNBC, Futurism

Dir: Josh Tobin
Camera: Jonas Schneider
Client: OpenAI
Genre: Corporate/Content
Runtime: 3min

Lux Fugacis lat. Licht, fliehend  (2016)

Die Schlosslichtspiele sind einer der Höhepunkte des Karlsruher Stadtgeburtstags: vor den Augen tausender Zuschauer im Schlossgarten wird die über 300 Meter lange Fassade zu einer riesigen Leinwand. Gezeigt wird ein diverses Programm internationaler Projektionskünstler. Wir begleiten die Künstler und ihre Werke auf dem Weg zur Schlossfassade, blicken auf die Hintergründe der Stücke und ihre technische Umsetzung.

Nocturn Media was consulted for event management, interview videography, editing, and mastering.

Dir: Jesper Wachtmeister
Camera: Daniel Freytag, Jonas Schneider
Client: ZKM Karlsruhe
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 2x3min Trailer, 90min documentary

Flashback (2011)

A young girl finds the love of her live, but the young couple's relationship is soon strained.

On this production led by Cutting Room, Nocturn Media was consulted for principial photography, art direction, editing, and distribution on local film festivals.

Dir: Nora Zimmer
Camera: Jonas Schneider
Genre: Short Film, Drama
Client: Cutting Room
Runtime: 9min

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